How to Fix Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Keeps Restarting

A few hours have passed, and your Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is functioning smoothly until it abruptly restarts in the middle of printing. Many 3D printer users experience this problem, which can be very annoying. To address these issues, we decided to write this article.

For starters, you can try re-uploading your G-Code file to make sure the information passed properly to fix a 3D printer that restarts. If your SD card is broken, you might need to buy a new one. This can also be brought on by loose connections in your power supply and problems with how accurately your thermistor reads temperatures.

Why Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Keeps Restarting

This problem can be caused by a variety of things, including defective components and G-Code stop commands.

The following are the most frequent causes of mid-print restarts on 3D printers:

  • Overheated extruder motor
  • Thermistor problems
  • Power problems
  • Loose components
  • USB or SD card connectivity issues

In addition to this, it is always possible that one of your printer’s parts is short-circuited or that some wires came loose. In that instance, it may be preferable to get in touch with the manufacturer because it can be a little challenging to determine the precise reason for the mid-print restart.

However, the above-mentioned reasons are the most typical ones, so there’s a good probability that addressing them will solve your issue.

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Common Fixes

Overheated Extruder Motor

Your printer may shut down as a safety precaution due to an overheated extruder motor (this is called a thermal cutoff feature). In some circumstances, the printer might reboot on its own if the temperature falls lower than the critical level quickly.

You can update the printer’s heatsink, a part of the nozzle that allows for heat dissipation or install a more powerful fan to prevent overheating.

Thermistor Issues

This is an additional component that might result in a thermal cutoff. The component of the printer that keeps the bed and nozzle at predetermined temperatures is called a thermistor. If your printer’s bed is heated, it should include two thermistors: one for the nozzle and one for the bed.

The printer will refuse to print if either thermistor malfunctions because it cannot risk printing without the component that keeps the temperatures within acceptable ranges.

To resolve this, first, make sure that your printer’s wiring is installed correctly. If so, changing the thermistor is the only option.

Power Issues

The printer will halt or restart in the event of an unexpected power outage. If your printer has a resume feature in case of an outage, you can carry on printing in this instance. A power outage can have a variety of causes and solutions. First, there might be a blackout in your neighborhood. if the power is restored after a few seconds or minutes and the blackout is brief.

You could have a battery backup to stop this from happening (UPS – uninterrupted power supply).

To determine how long the battery will have to operate, you must know how powerful it must be to run your printer and consider the typical length of a blackout in your location.

A bad PSU (power supply unit) can restart your printer in addition to a blackout. This might be caused by faulty on/off switches, loose or broken internal connections, or writing (if your PSU has one).

You could try to switch off the printer, unplug it, take off the wiring cover, and examine it manually if you are experienced.

Most of the time, though, getting a replacement from the manufacturer is the best course of action.

Loose components

Loose or defective components, such as wires or screws, that can produce short circuits and force your printer to restart, are another factor in power problems that cause them.

Even a PSU that is not correctly fastened in place and slides around can cause a loss of power.

It’s a good idea to make sure that all the components are in place and free from damage. You could also need to rewire something. A twisted or tensioned power line can occasionally cause the printer to restart mid-print, so pay close attention to it.

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It may be a problem with the wiring of your cooling fan if your 3D printer restarts or reboots just before starting a 3D print. A reboot may result from a damaged wire for that particular fan. To see if the problem recurs, you can attempt to start your part cooling fan directly from the menu screen. Finally, a defective extension cord was another factor that gave some users issues with resuming in the middle of a print job. If you think this might be the problem, consider plugging the printer into the main power outlet or getting a better cord.

SD Card

Some users claimed that a bad SD card was to blame for their printer restarting in the middle of a print. Try moving the data from your SD card to your desktop, erasing them from the SD card, and then re-uploading the contents to the SD card as one option. Even better, consider reformatting the SD card so that it is basically brand-new before trying to copy your G-Code files back to it. Checking your SD card’s remaining memory and determining if it is approaching its capacity is the next option you can try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you leave a printer running?

As shown by many manufacturers, 3D printers can run 24/7. All you need to do is keep the maintenance up to date.

How long can I pause prints?

It is not advised to pause prints for an extended period because the model may shrink and perhaps warp.

Is it safe to add more resin during the print job?

Any time during the printing process, it is safe to add more resin, and you should keep adding liquid to a long print job to ensure that it is completed.


There are many reasons why your Elegoo Mars 2 Pro may keep restarting. In this article, we’ve addressed those reasons so you can try some quick fixes to resolve the problem.

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