How to Fix Anycubic Kobra Not Reading SD Card

When an SD card is into a 3D printer and the screen keeps saying “No SD card” or “Insert SD card,” the printer is not reading the card. If this occurs, there’s no need to freak out because it doesn’t necessarily imply your printer is broken. You can try a solution for each of the several potential causes.

There are a few efficient solutions to the SD card not reading problem. To check whether the file name and folder in the SD card were formatted correctly, you should first upgrade the firmware. If not, delete any extra files to maintain some free space on your card.       

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Reasons for Anycubic Kobra Not Reading SD Card

There are several possible reasons why your Anycubic Kobra may not be reading the SD card, some of which are listed below:

  • Your SD card is formatted incorrectly.
  • You have a high-capacity SD card.
  • Your SD card needs to be cleaned.
  • Your SD card is overloaded with files.
  • The SD card you have is old and must be replaced.

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Common Fixes

Rename Files

A large file name may not always be readable by 3D printers, so keep it short and straightforward. As you transfer the files onto a single memory card, you should also ensure that the file names are all distinct. To prepare your SD card for use, remove any duplicates or extraneous files.

Upgrade Firmware

It’s time to learn how to upgrade your firmware, assuming that your SD card has been formatted for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Make sure your 3D printer is on, then choose it from the printer section’s central selection box. Choose “Update Firmware” from the menu that appears just below the name of your printer. “Upload custom firmware” should be chosen. Locate and choose the HEX file for the firmware that your printer needs to be flashed.

Turn Off Camera

You might need to turn off the camera before printing since the G-code file might take up too much space in your device’s memory. Larger files are produced by cameras with more pixels. So, if you wish to utilize an SD card, you will need to reduce the print size on your printer. In your software’s options, adjust the print size.

Different USB Card Reader

If your camera still won’t accept the SD memory card, try a new USB card reader. Prior to using the card reader, make absolutely sure that it is appropriate for your operating system and 3D printer.

Change Direction

The edge of SD cards has a little notch that shows which way to insert the card. When entering your card in the printer, you can encounter an error if it is entered in the wrong direction.

Before placing your SD card in the device, make sure it is facing the proper direction. If you keep receiving error messages, make sure that each G-code file’s file name on the card is distinct.

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Turn Off Printer

While the 3D printer is powered off, put the SD Card with your g-code files on it. You might also insert it into your computer while the printer is not in use. If it’s a software issue rather than an SD card issue, then this might help with some of the issues.

Card Reader Connections

Each time you attempt to use or replace a card in your 3D printer, it’s possible that it won’t function properly. Because a fresh card may be used without having to rearrange settings on your printer or check settings on other computers and gadgets, it should solve any connection issues or issues with your 3D printer’s reader.

Free Up Space

Lack of space on an SD card is the main cause of issues when using one with a 3D printer, according to users. You can try to browse through the software configuration files for your printer to see if anything seems off. But unfortunately, if you simply do not have enough room for everything to function properly in your printer, then your efforts may be futile.

Replace SD Card

If your attempts so far have proven to be futile, it might be time to replace your SD card. 

Additionally, you should verify your file system because there can be an issue with the partition table or file system on the SD card. Alternately, the operating system or file may be corrupt, in which case you should format the affected area rather than replace it entirely.

Change Format of SD Card

It is strongly advised that you only use SD cards with the FAT32 file system. The majority of 3D printers don’t even recognize SD cards with other formats and almost all of them only function properly with this one.

Going through the process of opening the MBR partition table is advised. There will be a list of all the partitions. From the list of “Removable Disks,” pick the SD Card. Just switch the partition’s exFAT or NTFS format to FAT32.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which SD Cards are FAT32?

Similar to USB devices, SD cards with 32GB or less storage are commonly formatted with FAT32.

Will Any MicroSD Card Work with a 3D Printer?

All you’ll need is a Wi-Fi SD card. Although there isn’t a smaller SD card available in the MicroSD (microSD) format, converting a MicroSD to a full-size SD card may be an option.

Why Do 3D Printers Use SD Cards?

SD cards are used by 3D printers because they are more convenient to use than USB drives. Additional development expenditures are implied by reading USB drives. Additionally, SD cards are smaller, less expensive, and easier to keep in a printer for an extended period of time. In many gadgets today, SD cards are the de facto standard.


The Anycubic Kobra not reading the SD card is a common problem. In this article, we discussed the potential reasons for this problem. Further, we talked about the various fixes you can attempt to resolve it. Happy printing!

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