Here’s How Much a 3D Printing Business Makes Annually

3D printers can be used for both professional and recreational purposes. The primary goal is to produce goods using little or no material. Since there is no material waste, industrial processes like injection molding enable mass manufacture of things at low cost. Making money with a 3D printer is possible. You can do so in a variety of ways, such as by selling 3D-printed products and digital goods or even by providing a 3D printing service in your neighborhood.

A 3D artist may typically earn up to $53,000 on their own each year. The most well-known works of art on the market today are not 3D crafts. However, the sector is expanding, with a 25% annual growth rate.

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How Much Does a 3D Printing Business Make Annually?

Based on the complexity, 3D prints can cost anywhere from $30 to $1,000 or even more. Since sophisticated designs are expected if you specialize in prototypes, these calculations will have an average cost of $500. After subtracting the cost of the supplies, your profit margin should be about 80%.

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You might be able to earn up to $130,000 per year working from home and selling five prints every week. Using an 80% margin would result in a profit of more than $100,000. Sales of up to 25 prints each week may increase as your brand becomes more well-known.

At this point, you would rent a business location and recruit staff, bringing your margin down to 30%. You would earn approximately $20,000 with a $650,000 projected yearly income.

Getting Started

A 3D printer can be made profitable in several ways, including by selling 3D models, providing 3D printed goods on demand, and a variety of other things.

Continue reading to learn about some possibilities if you believe you have the knowledge to make money from your 3D printer or are ready to learn how.

Required Skills

Depending on the type of work you intend to undertake, you’ll need a certain set of abilities to generate money with 3D printing. But generally, you should strive to have at least these things:

Basic Understanding of 3D Printing

Learn how to utilize a 3D printer so you can start creating your pieces because you can’t generate money using one if you do not know how to operate it in the first place.

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Knowledge of Licensing Regulations

This is particularly true if you want to sell items that are based on other people’s ideas or even your 3D prints. In either case, it will be crucial to have a good grasp of licensing procedures and what you (and others) can do with these products to prevent future legal issues.

Knowledge of 3D Printing Software

Knowing how to operate the printer itself isn’t enough; you must also be able to utilize the software that goes along with it. Having said that, you can experiment with this to gain knowledge through practice.

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Marketing Knowledge

To earn cash with a 3D printer, you don’t have to be a great salesman, but knowing a little bit about marketing will help you sell your items.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding SEO is essential whether you want to run a brick-and-mortar store where customers can find you through Google or sell your items on websites like Etsy. To ensure that you are one of the top results that users find upon searching for 3D printing companies, this involves things like understanding which keywords to use depending on what people are searching for and how to use them.


While using someone else’s prints for 3D printing is possible, some originality will be required. This might be as basic as identifying the products that clients frequently want printed for their formal occasions and other gatherings so that you can concentrate on them or expand when you notice a gap in the market.

Ways You Can Make Money

Sell Prints Online

Making and selling products online using a 3D printer is a common way for people to generate money. There are numerous ways to make this work but selling on eBay is by far the most popular one.

Start a Local 3D Printing Company

Opening up your storefront for regional manufacturing in a big metropolis can be a great move. If demand exists for this business locally, you may turn your company into a major success, but you’ll require access to clients and plenty of investment.

Offer Printed Personalized Goods

Personalized items are among the top things to sell online since they make wonderful gifts. Now that you have a 3D printer of your own, you can produce them as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a License to 3D Print?

When thinking about how to use a 3D printer to generate income, you must ensure that you’re not breaking any copyright regulations. You can do this by making sure the license, which may also apply to the underlying designs that may be covered by these laws, permits the sale of the items.

How Long Does It Take to Learn 3D Printing?

For those who are absolute newbies in this sector, understanding how to use a 3D printer will require a minimum of six months, along with learning how to utilize some of the main 3D modeling tools. However, those who are already familiar with CAD software and have a basic understanding of technical concepts can complete this process considerably more quickly.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a 3D Business?

Purchasing the printer itself is the primary investment required to launch a 3D printing business. This implies that costs can vary by up to $10,000 based on the machine you use and other factors, such as whether you intend to run your business online or offline, which can increase costs due to store-related expenditures.

Final Words

As you’ll see, there are many different ways to generate money using a 3D printer, so it’s crucial to be ready and have the necessary abilities before doing this.

There is a learning curve, but if you set out to master the techniques required to produce truly excellent work with your 3D printer, there is no reason why you can’t make this your primary source of income.

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