Anycubic Kobra Screen Goes Black? Fixed

The Anycubic Kobra is by far one of the best budget-friendly yet feature-rich FDM printers on the market right now. For $300, you’ll have a printer with an automatic bed leveling mechanism, which will satisfy both beginner and experienced printers, in addition to simple touch screen controls that provide quick access to the printer’s settings and features. If you want a system that works right out of the box and doesn’t call for you to fiddle around with options you don’t fully grasp, the Anycubic Kobra delivers.

You can ensure that your LCD display cable is connected to the right port on your printer to resolve a black screen on a 3D printer. Additionally, make sure your voltage is set appropriately for your location. If the SD card is damaged, switching it out can help. For many users, flashing their firmware has been helpful.

Some users have reported that they have experienced their Anycubic Kobra’s screen going black. However, there are some ways you can resolve this issue.

Common Fixes for Black Screen


Plugging the LCD display cable to the wrong port on your printer is one possible cause of a black screen.

Connecting to the proper port should typically resolve the issue if your printer screen won’t turn on at all. You can also see if the cable is detached from the mainboard.

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Voltage Settings

You should set the voltage to 115V if you reside in the United States and 230V if you do so in the UK.

Ensure again the voltage that must be set based on your location. This is based on your electricity grid. Many people don’t understand this and as a result, when attempting to use their 3D printer, they encounter a blue or black screen.

Some users claim that by choosing the improper voltage, their 3D printer not only showed a black screen on the LCD display but also, a short time later, blew up the power supply.

Find the voltage switch, then adjust it. You won’t need to touch it again after you’ve got it set up right.

Replace SD Card

A popular solution involving the SD card has been reported by numerous users who have experienced the black or blue screen. The LCD screen was going blank because they were actually using a fried SD card that had ceased to work.

Turn on your 3D printer without the SD card in it to see if it starts up regularly to determine if this is the situation with your printer. If it happens, all you have to do is purchase a new SD card for your 3D printer.

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Turning it Off & On Again

By shutting it off, unplugging everything, letting it stay that way for a few days, and then plugging everything back in, some users have had their screens start working again. However, someone who attempted this ultimately purchased a new motherboard, suggesting that this may only be a temporary solution.


For your 3D printing machine to operate at its best, all of the cables and wiring must be plugged in correctly. People have occasionally inspected their cables and discovered something that was only loosely or incompletely connected.

They discovered that their screens began functioning normally again once they had correctly plugged in their cables.

Since some users checked their mainboard and discovered that the side where the power supply plugs in was somewhat melted and even sparking, we’d advise examining the mainboard, specifically the power supply section. Your cables may not be fully plugged in if this occurs.

To be safe, turn off the 3D printer and unplug it from the power source before performing any of these inspections.

Print bed

Turning off the 3D printer and carefully pushing the print bed back with a little force caused the LCD panel to light up for some users, who were able to solve the blue screen on their printer.

This results in a small voltage spike in the stepper motors that powers the 3D printer’s LCD component.

However, because of the possibility of harming your mainboard owing to the power spike passing via the mainboard, we wouldn’t advise it as a fix. I’m not certain if it continued to function after that either.


Reflashing your firmware may be the answer if you’ve attempted numerous repairs without success.

Many customers have encountered a blue or blank screen as a result of the firmware, whether it wasn’t flashed correctly, there was an issue in one of the key configuration files, or you flashed it by accident and weren’t aware of it.

Make sure your 3D printer is on, then choose it from the printer section’s central selection box. Choose “Update Firmware” from the menu that appears just below the name of your printer. “Upload custom firmware” should be chosen. Locate and choose the HEX file for the firmware that your printer needs to be flashed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Can the Anycubic Kobra Print?

The Anycubic Kobra can print PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU.

What Software Does Anycubic Use?

The Photon Workshop software does have some intriguing capabilities that seem simple to implement, and it comes pre-installed on every Anycubic 3D printer and is available on a 3GB USB drive.

How Fast Does the Anycubic Kobra Print?

The Anycubic Kobra can print at a maximum speed of 180 mm/s. So, the time it takes for your models to be finished is short. 

How Big Is the Anycubic Kobra Touch Screen?

With the Anycubic Kobra, smooth operation is guaranteed by a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a bright, user-friendly display.

Final Words

Many users have reported their Anycubic Kobra’s screen becoming unresponsive.  In this article, we discussed the potential solutions you can attempt to fix this common problem that many users face.

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